Large Orbit Earring Multiplier

Large Orbit Earring Multiplier


Our new concept of earring multiplier is designed to create new variations of earrings from any pair of pierced earrings. The Large Orbit Multiplier in White, Yellow or Pink especially beautifully accents the Orbit and Spark earrings or Sunset Sunrise Light earring studs from Daou Jewellery as well as any earrings you already have in your collection. Quickly and cleverly doubling your earring wardrobe creating brand new larger earrings by slipping onto the bar fastening.

Gold, 18k solid, 9g.
Hoop diameter 3.5cm.
Slides on to the bar of any pierced earring before fastening in the ear.

Available in Yellow, White or Pink Gold to complement your earrings.

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The exceptional foundations of a unique creation. Inspired by light photons and subatomic particles each piece in the collection is designed imagining the awe inducing movement of these high energy particles and the unique radial paths they trace, leading to multi-dimensional jewellery highlighted in glowing gemstones. The individually beautiful pieces then may be combined into arrangements of increasing variety and complexity, creating unique jewels just as particles combine to form all the world of beauty that exists.

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Pink, White, Yellow

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