Morning Hoop Earrings

Morning Hoop Earrings


The aura of harmoniously graduated baguette gemstones in the hoop earring is heightened by the perfect setting to allow light to refract through creating flashes of beautiful colour. The setting extends to the back of the hoops which show the stones facing forward inside. In white gold to highlight the cool brightness of the dawn and dusk.

Amethysts, Iolite, Blue Topaz Baguettes total of 10.6ct.
White Gold solid 18k. Hallmarked with the Daou name, by Goldsmiths Hall in London.
Made by hand, in Italy.
Pierced ear fastening.
Hoop measures 3cm across diameter.

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A modern impressionist collection evoking the intangible colours, energy and light at Sunset and Sunrise. Illustrated with a vibrant variety of beautiful gemstones, specially hand selected and arranged with multi-dimensional angles to catch and refract the myriad light, so to represent the emotive dawn and dusk. Inspired by long distant evenings and nascent early mornings, by magical travels, by the impressionist masters and by a love of gemmology. Designs to reflect the striking colours and the glow of energy sensed at Sunset and Sunrise in a harmonious palate of cool clear vivid hues and a golden fusion of rich warm tones.

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Sunset Sunrise


Blue, White