Katerina Perez – The Baguette Cut

Katerina Perez – The Baguette Cut
20th July 2020 Dalia Daou
Katerina Perez Baguette Cut Daou Sunrise sunset ring

The Baguette Cut: The Charm of Simple Geometric Shapes – written by renowned jewellery author Katerina Perez features the Daou Sunset Sunrise Ring with its hand selected baguette cut coloured gemstones. Katerina’s article covers the origins, history, technicalities and appeal of the charming gemstone cut. Read Katerina’s Article Here 

‘In jewellery, there are many types of gem cuts. All of them are divided into three categories by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA): brilliant, step cut and mixed type cut. While the first category – which includes round, oval, heart, marquise, cushion cuts any more – is unquestionably well known to most, the baguette form of the step cut category began raising to popularity more recently, with the emergence of Art Deco style. From a design perspective, the 1920s were defined by geometric shapes, and as a consequence, elongated diamonds became the order of the day. Back then, baguette cut diamonds were used only in small quantities, in order to complement the overall design, rather than being the centrepiece. However, throughout the 21st century, stones cut in this style increasingly became a much more prominent component of jewellery design.’

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