Sustainability Statement

Longevity and Sources

Earth preservation and waste of resources is a huge concern for Dalia, who also does work in climate change research. As such the longevity of fine jewellery, forever loved through generations is the antithesis of passing fast-fashions.

The gold used in Daou jewellery is almost always recycled gold, and always from responsible suppliers. Gemstones and diamonds are selected by hand and are either sourced from never used collections from the 60s and 70s (which are originally from small-mines and considered pre-conflict), or are repurposed stones, or new stones from well established responsible and trusted dealers. Packaging is minimal but classic and substantial to protect your fine jewellery.

Jewellery pieces are made in the UK, in the traditional London jewellery centre Hatton Garden and with producers in Western Europe in Italy and Portugal in safe and fair workshops. The features of the design and it’s style and modernity influences how the pieces are made, either made by hand to incorporate traditional techniques and 70s style textures, or involving using the latest techniques for perfect geometry and always finished and inspected by hand.