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    Sparks Rings Set

    The complete set of the Sparks rings includes the Twin Spark Diamond Ring, and three single Spark rings in White Gold and Diamond, Yellow Gold with Champagne Diamonds and White Gold and Iolite. The Spark ring is a dynamic modern, refined design. A perfect balance of delicate style with an edge. The Spark rings are designed for stacking with a fine band so they combine perfectly closely together creating a variety of shapes and combinations staged across the fingers or all together in a bold cocktail ring style to adorn your hand with sparkling light. They are also designed as always with perfect comfort, while looking fabulous the stacking rings are a delight to wear alone or all together, easy luxe! White Diamonds, Champagne Diamonds, Iolite. Yellow Gold 18k solid. Hallmarked with the Daou name, by Goldsmiths Hall in London. Spark measures 2cm long. Sizes N and O 1/2 available, and different sizes and colours may be ordered. Please