Ellipse Bangle – Sapphire and Diamond

Ellipse Bangle – Sapphire and Diamond


The Ellipse bangle is a delicate classic with a twist diamond halo design placed off-center to the diamond bangle. A dynamic design and especially vibrant stacked beautifully with other bangles and Ellipse bangles.

Diamonds round 57, 0.42ct.
Sapphire oval 4x3mm, 0.22ct.
White Gold, 18k solid, 6.22g.
Diameter 6cm.
Chain and clasp adjustable fastening.

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The exceptional foundations of a unique creation. Inspired by light photons and subatomic particles each piece in the collection is designed imagining the awe inducing movement of these high energy particles and the unique radial paths they trace, leading to multi-dimensional jewellery highlighted in glowing gemstones. The individually beautiful pieces then may be combined into arrangements of increasing variety and complexity, creating unique jewels just as particles combine to form all the world of beauty that exists.

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Diamond, Sapphire, White