VOGUE – Brigitte Bardot’s Beirut

VOGUE – Brigitte Bardot’s Beirut
28th July 2017 Dalia Daou

VOGUE follows the inimitable Brigitte Bardot when visiting Beirut in it’s vibrant heyday in 1967 and imagines her must see’s today as wonderfully written by Mackenzie Kassab. It is just one of the glamorous moments in Daou jewellery history when one of Birgitte Bardot’s first stops in glamorous Beirut was the Daou jewellery boutique of my father. Daou jewellery still in VOGUE.

Read more… www.vogue.com/article/beirut-guide-from-brigitte-bardot


Here Brigitte Bardot is pictured by the press pack leaving the Daou jewellery boutique in 1967.



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