Heart in Heart White Gold Diamond Pendant

Heart in Heart White Gold Diamond Pendant

£5,600.00 £3,250.00

The Heart in Heart modern timeless diamond pendant cleverly uses considered negative space to highlight the detail of the original large diamond set design, with a very beautifully shaped diamond set bail loop adding to the design. The diamond heart pendant necklace is set in 18 carat white gold. Handmade in London and hallmarked with details in the framework and diamond set bail loop, edging and diamond settings.

White Gold solid 18k 4.69g, pendant weight excluding the additional weight of the 18k gold chain
Diamonds 37 round brilliant ~1.1ct,
Chain 18inch, 45cm, or 16inch on request,
Pendant measures 2.2cm wide, 3cm long.

Also created in Yellow Gold.


Your opportunity to shop a special collection of heart motif pendants inspired by past Daou designs at one off prices, because we heart you. These beautiful diamond set sentimental jewels are each a fresh interpretation of the classic heart with unique details in form and hand made craftsmanship.